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  1. Bonnaroo
  2. The Hangout
  3. Lollapalooza
  4. Wakarusa
  5. Electric Forest
  6. Sasquatch
  7. All Good Music
  8. Summer Camp
  9. Camp Bisco
  10. Austin City Limits
 updated 5/8/2012
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Discover Music Festivals

If you are like us, you love discovering new Music Festivals. Whether you are looking for Rock, Country, Bluegrass, Reggae or Folk Festivals, each and every Music Festival has its own unique personality, its own flavor.

FestiGoGo is the app for you - If you are:

  • Drawn to Music Festivals that are set against gorgeous scenic venues?
  • Want to find Festivals that take place during certain months of the year?
  • Interested in specific Music Festival genres, themes or communities?
  • Like to keep track of your favorite Festival Performers?


Introducing FestiGoGo

Designed for Music Festival Lovers

  • Browse Current and Upcoming Festivals
  • Find out when and where Festivals are occuring
  • See how far away you are from your favorite Festivals


Figure 1: Home



Watch Music Festivals Evolve

Music Festivals go through different stages leading up to the actual event, and FestiGoGo takes you through each stage as it happens:





  • Festival date and location are announced
  • Festival performer line up is released
  • Festival schedule is published
  • Changes are made to the festival schedule and/or line up

FestiGoGo provides all of this information as it becomes available, so that you have plenty of time to decide and plan to see the music festivals that you want to attend.

And, to enhance your festival experience, as soon as music festivals publish their performance schedules, most festivals will become available as FestiGoGo In-App Purchase (see description below).



Find Festivals that Meet your Personal TasteFigure 2: Search

FestiGoGo makes it very easy to search for Music Festivals by:

  • Date
  • Location
  • Genre
  • Performers



Hear Sample Music

Use FestiGoGo’s Listen feature to hear samples and purchase Festival Performers’ music from the Apple iTunes Store.

Figure 3: Listen to Music

 Figure 4: iTunes Store









Save Favorites

Figure 5: Save Favorite FestivalsOnce you discover a new Festival that piques your interest, you may save it as one of your Favorite Festivals, so that you can get back to it in a jiffy.


FestiGoGo In-App Purchases

If you are interested in creating your own personal schedule for your favorite festival, you can purchase that festival as an in-app purchase and get even more features. A FestiGoGo In-App Purchase also enables you to view performer biographies and performer schedules at additional music festivals.



 Create Personal Festival SchedulesFigure 6: Select Performances

When a user makes an In-App Festival Purchase, the Who tab changes from being a simple list of music artists to the full festival schedule. By clicking the GoGo button next to a performance, you can add performances to your own personal festival schedule. Each Performance includes a map to the stage to assist you in finding your performer at the festival.







Figure 7: MapComprehensive Database of Music Festivals and Performers

Festigogo includes more than 500 major music festivals thoughout the United States and over 15,000 artists. With Festigogo, you can see at which festivals your favorite artist will be performing throughout the next year.

Get mobile information when and where you want it. Download FestiGoGo and get all of information about your favorite performers while you are at the festival or on the GoGo. Don't wait until you get home to search for your favorite perfomers' schedules.


Download Festigogo Today







*Although we at FestiGoGo do our very best to provide the most accurate festival information possible, our ability to do this depends entirely on the accuracy of the information that we receive from the individual music festivals. FestiGoGo makes no guarantees that festival information is accurate, and this information may change without notice.