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  1. Bonnaroo
  2. The Hangout
  3. Lollapalooza
  4. Wakarusa
  5. Electric Forest
  6. Sasquatch
  7. All Good Music
  8. Summer Camp
  9. Camp Bisco
  10. Austin City Limits
 updated 5/8/2012
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Promote your Festival with FestiGoGo


Promoting any Music Festival is quite a challenge and can be quite costly. FestiGoGo has been specifically designed and developed to promote your Festival to millions of Festival fans around the world for absolutely FREE. FestiGoGo reaches out beyond your local community to publicize your Festival to fans who may not even be aware of your Music Festival.

A few Music Festivals have spent tens of thousands of dollars creating their own iPhone app to help promote their Music Festivals. And this costly solution generally reaches only fans in their general area, fans who already know about those Festivals. 

If you are among these lucky Festival Organizers who have the budget to afford a new iPhone app year after year, getting it developed and worrying about getting it launched on time, that is wonderful. You are providing a generous service for your Festival Fans.

But what if you didn't need to spend any money on a mobile solution for your Festival? How would this help your bottom-line? With FestiGoGo you can save that extra expense and still reach out to millions fans. 

Provide an outstanding and useful tool to your Festival Fans >>

Festigogo is easy to use, and makes it easy for fans to find the Music Festivals they really want to attend. Since Festigogo is a comprehensive database of U.S. Music Festivals, many Music Festival fans, will be exposed to your festival by simply using the app. Whether fans are searching for specific music genres, locations, dates or even specific performers, FestiGoGo will point your fans to the hottest Festivals around, namely your Festival.

  • Reaches your target audience efficiently, effectively, and affordably
  • Lets Music Festival Fans discover your Festival
  • Get the exposure your Music Festival deserves 

Market your community and help promote your Festival >>

Music Festivals can make a huge impact on local economies. Communities that host Music Festivals generally hope to bolster their local economy by attracting more visitors, who spend money using local businesses and services. More visitors means more revenue for your community, and FestiGoGo is designed to inform Music Festival fans from around the world about your Festival and about your community.

  • Reach out to new visitors from around the world
  • Support your local economy by driving more visitors to local businesses and services

Update your Festival information on the iPhone instantly >>

As a Festival Organizer, no one knows your Festival as well as you do. It is up to you to use FestiGoGo to tell the world what makes your Festival unique and inviting. Just as important, it is your responsibility to let your fans know when something about your Festival changes, when acts are added or removed from the bill, when stages or venues are added or rescheduled, etc.

Any of these changes, can be made quickly and easily by you, the Organizer, using our online FestiGoGo database. And best of all, these changes will appear instantly on the iPhone in FestiGoGo. There is no need to wait for a developer/programmer to make corrections to stand alone apps, or wait for Apple to approve app updates. You simply make the changes you want, and they are there for FestiGoGo users to see the second you hit the update button.

  • Use our web-based database anywhere in the world
  • Provide accurate information about your festival, instantly

FestiGoGo treats all Music Festivals equally >>

There is no doubt that Music Festivals come in all shapes and sizes. Some Festivals are more well-known than others, but we understand and believe that no Music Festival is more important than your Festival.

One of the main features in Festigogo is its Home screen, the “Current and Upcoming Festivals” screen. Your Music Festival will rotate onto this Home screen, and place your Festival’s name in front of millions of Festival fans, right next to some of the largest Festivals out there. As fans are using the app to visit other Festivals, your festival is being marketed to them equally, typically 30 days in advance of your Festival's start date.

But this isn't the only way fans will find your Festival in Festigogo. Festigogo's Search feature allows users to find your festival via a Date, a Location, a Genre, and Perfomer Search as well.

  • Share the spotlight with other Festivals
  • All Music Festivals are displayed equally in FestiGoGo

Support the mission of promoting Live Music >>

We at FestiGoGo believe that Live Music improves the quality of life in any community. All Musical Festival Organizers share a similar goal, supporting artists who perform Live Music and spreading the universal culture of music to the world. FestiGoGo embraces this goal as well, and as part of this larger vision, FestiGoGo wants to help your Festival continue to share Live Music with millions of fans and potential fans around the world.

  • Support the benefits of Live Music
  • Support the artists that perform Live Music

Manage your Festival in Festigogo today >>

If you would like to add your Music Festival to FestiGoGo, or manage your Festival information, Register as a registered user on this website first, then complete the Organizer Application.

  • We will process your application (typically within one day)
  • We will send your login information that will allow you to access the FestiGoGo database
  • You will have access to the help section on our website 24 hours a day
  • If you require assistance or have any questions about how to add or edit your Festival details on FestiGoGo, we are available to help you over the phone during regular business hours
  • We will provide a FestiGoGo download badge to place on your website to let your fans know that they can follow your Festival on FestiGoGo

We encourage you to place our FestiGoGo badge, along with a link to the iTunes App Store, on your Festival web site. This is not a requirement, but a recommendation, so that the fans who visit your site will know that you offer a free mobile solution for your festival. The more people that download and use FestiGoGo, the more people that will see, and potentially attend, your Festival.