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Favorite Festivals

as selected by Festigogo Users

  1. Bonnaroo
  2. The Hangout
  3. Lollapalooza
  4. Wakarusa
  5. Electric Forest
  6. Sasquatch
  7. All Good Music
  8. Summer Camp
  9. Camp Bisco
  10. Austin City Limits
 updated 5/8/2012
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Performers love FestiGoGo


A key ingredient to any Performer’s success is gaining exposure and connecting with fans. FestiGoGo is designed to offer several ways for Festival Performers to get additional exposure and connect with fans. 

Your fans can use FestiGoGo to view your performer’s biography, genres, and hometown. A link to your website will drive fans to your website, and your festival schedules can be viewed right from within the app. And all of this exposure won't cost you a single cent. Plus, we have made it very easy for you to manage and update your Performer information which is displayed on the FestiGoGo iPhone app, instantly. 

Festival Performers get free and equal exposure >>

On the FestiGoGo Performer Search screen, Festival Performers are displayed randomly to FestiGoGo users, thus offering Performers free and equal exposure to fans. In this way, all Performers are displayed equally on FestiGoGo

Users may also listen to samples of your Performer’s music on the iTunes Music Store where they may purchase your music. FestiGoGo is sure to drive more traffic to your Performer’s web site when users click on your web link which is located within the FestiGoGo app.

Allows Music Festival Fans to search for specific Festival Performers >>

Quickly and easily edit your Performer info in FestiGoGo instantly >>

FestiGoGo gives Performers complete access and control of their information on FestiGoGo. It is very easy to log into FestiGoGo’s web site with a free log-in account, and you will have access to your Performers' information in our FestiGoGo database. This allows you to quickly and easily edit your Performer information on the FestiGoGo app in real time. Or, feel free to contact us with any changes that need to be made with respect to your Performer details, and we will update your Performer information for you.